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cal, both in the proportion of deaths and of failures,
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d'originecostale. Rev. med. do Test, Nancv, 1893, xxv, 396-
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med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1899, xxv, 373-37.5. —
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I7i: WiTTWER. Delect, diss, med., [etc.]. 8°. Norim-
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Russk. Med., St. Petersb., 1891, xvi,551; 567; 583.— Rlis-
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be soft and highly elastic, and the constriction of
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1908, i, 328.— Roeloffis (J.T.R.) A new automatic re-
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See, also, Rapporto e discussioni, [etc.l . 8°. Venezia,
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• chez I'enfant. Pediatric prat., Lille, 1903, i, 102-105.—
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lung der Netzhautiiblosung. Ibid.. 1905, xxxi, 15; 56. —
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than a bean, but one of large size will break an in
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rose with the crimson of His own blood. As we feel the sure and
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money involved.” In other words, people who die with
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nursing. His writing was hardly “defensive and arcane,”
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Cong, internat. d'anthrop. [etc.] . C. r. 1892, Moscou, 1893,
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it will continue to provide hospitals with the data, accompanied by a disclaimer concerning their use in ranking
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borde ( J.-V.) La psychologic morbide des hommes de
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mische Tafeln, [etc.]. fol, Wandsbck-IIamburg, [1892].
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sions radiographiques. Echo med. du nord, Lille, 1900,
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Father send Him? If He spake wondrously, did not His
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served and revised based on recurrent symptoms or dete-
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Pathologic examination of a wedge lung biopsy revealed
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bauni (H. C.) Die Verunreinigungund Selbstreinigung
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der Rachitis. Ztschr. f. Augeiih., Berl., 1907, xviii, 542-
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zelpackung. Zentralbl. f. d. Gosamtgob. d. Med. [etc.],
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fication of public water supplies; comparative etficiency
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Rep. Soc. Study Dis. Child., Lond., 1900-1901, i, 26-31,
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and when we are not praying, He is advocating our cause, and by
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arable from the Spirit's benign presence. As sacred oil. He
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vein, stuff the cavity with lint, and allow the wound
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1748. — Lacaille. On pent dans certaines circonstances
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The relationship of chorea and rheumatism. Bristol M.-
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& JDellierm. La radiographic et la radiotherapie a
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Rontgen cabinet at the Nikolayev Naval Hospital in ... ]
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imperfect result from the first touch of his healing hand. Ho
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evidences of carcinoma, — fixedness to the muscles
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countered in association with one atypical intraductal
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ville de Rouen. Rev. san. de la Province, Bordeaux,
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the Right Hon. Lloyd, Lord Kenyon, relative to some
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palsied, those stricken with fevers, with dropsy, an issue of blood.
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of their annual income for physicians’ services and for
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See Przliibitek (S. A.) Kratkiy kursfarmatsii[etc.].
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1900, i, 1070-1072.— Centenary (The) of the Royal Col-
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216.— Ciley &CliarrIn. Le squelette d'un lapin pre-
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lan (G. C.) Retinitis albuminurica. Med. & Surg. Re-
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