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riorating physical findings or blood pressure differentials.
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care of the children of the family, and in preparing
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toires. Presse med., Par., 1902, ii, 895. — Van de "Velde
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Bd., 309-316.— Keitli (A.) [ctal.]. A discussiDU on the
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be explored. In addition, we can anticipate the application
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dosage des rayons X. Areh. d'eleetrie. med., Bonleuux,
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time in all the hospitals of Paris, Dr. Clin's bromide
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the nnso-pharvn.x. Proc. N. York Path. Soc, 1906-7, n. s.,
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out His gracious opening of our understanding, we could no more
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Imp. Voyenno-Med. Akad., S.-Peterb., 1901, iii, 34; 129.—
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there is attached to this Hospital of the Cross a wardrobe, and a
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de biol.. Par., 1900, 11. s., ii, 229. — CUauffard (A.)
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niques allow patients to be treated in one session and
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Inst.. Loud., 1906, xxvii, 6.58-6B2. [Di.scussion] ,' 669.—
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if the provisions of this bill are to be carried out success-
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1892. No. 760, 7-11, 2 diag. — Purtsclier (0.) Bei-
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this truth. The deaf and dumb, the deformed, the leprous, the
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(D. \V. C.) An inquiry into the aetiology of "Rothein ",
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Praise God ! nothing has been able to stand before the Savior.
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rese appliquee au traitement du rhumatisme chronique
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leper did come of himself; though none called him, he plucked
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257-265. — Walter (F.J.) Rheumatism and its treat-
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f. Chir., Leipz., 1895, xxii, 1065-1070.— Warren (J. C.)
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a diagnosis in cases in which the existence of fluid
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Repr.from: Surg., Gynec & Obst., Chicago, 1907, iv.
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with a report of twenty-nine cases. Internat. Therap.,
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r he is able to talk about his bodily ailments with great
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nata. Tr. Ophth. Soc. U. Kingdom, Lond., 1903-4, xxiv,
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Oh, let us stop here at the cross and behold the only remedy
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zur Respiration. Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., Bonn, 1903,
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