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rontgen-k^pek. [Plastic Rontgen pictures.] Gy6gyiiszat,

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Cong, interuat. de med. 1897, Mosc, 1898, iii, sect. G, 110-

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could the people hear the gospel without it being preached in

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causes and results. Internat. M. Mag., Phila., 1898, vii,

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The disease, which at first was confined to the leg, 1 effect is highly commended

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Wien, 1877, Isxv, 193-243, 4 pi.— Weiss (E.) Zur Symp-

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cago, 1898," iv, 82-99.— Titus (E. C.) Relative action of

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Available July 1994. Age 39. Licensed in Pennsylvania.

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zur Behandlung der Stauungspapille. CharitiS - Ann.,

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6 :12, 13. "In My name shall they cast out devils." — Mark 16 :17.

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face of Christ, as in a mirror darkly, but soon we shall look upon

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Fortschr.a.d. Geb. d. Eontgenstrahlen, Hamb., 1906, ix, 381-

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genk., Leipz., 1908, x, 308-313. — Fiiclis (S.) & KreidI

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does cause every evil thing from Satan, that would bring disaster

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son (A. ) Unusual retino-choroidal changes, the result

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Verhandl. d. Berl. ophth. Gesellsch. 1903-4, Leipz., 1905,

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Hes!>imanu> Zur Dosierung der Rontgenstrahlen In

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stage; its probaljle diagnosis from leuco-sarcoma of the

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ber; with a new device regarding its longevity. Ann.

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respiratoire sur la Riviera f ranf aise. J,, de ph vsiotherap.

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pericarditis or endocarditis occurs, if there is exces-

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1893,1,56-59.— Hirt(E.) Alkohol mid Zurechnungsfiihig-

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76-95. Also [.\bstr]: Tribune mt>d.. Par." 1906, n. s.,

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of our time, pays a just tribute to English physicians

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analogy between acute iilinpathic jileuritis and acute ar-

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1906, xxix, 174-178.— BriiiinicJie (A.) Febris rheu-

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ber den Eintritt des Kohlepigments aus den Athmungs-

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