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in his: Beitr. z. Ophth., 8°, Leipz., 1891, 301-304, 2 pi.
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deducciones. Jled. de los niiios, Barcel., 1903, iv, 161-
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of Me this night : for it is written, I will smite the Shepherd, and
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grippe. Am. M, J., St. Louis, 1896,xxiv, 200-204.— Knowl-
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the sermon on the mount. He gives us remarkable miracles, as if to
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1893, 3. s., ii, 8-11.— Ltf l>ez Alonso (J.) Endocarditis
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m6d.. Par., 1896, 196.— Clioux (C.) Folie rhumatismale
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1901 il, 1379. Also: J. State M., Lond., 1901, ix, 713.—
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Georgetown University Medical Center, 3900 Reservoir Road NW,
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Therap., N. Y., 1903, xxi, 477-482.— Heineke (A.) Ex-
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morffisi rcuTcssiva. Riforma med., Napoli, 1894, x, pt. 1,
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1195. — Blaekader (A. D.) Rheumatism in children.
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commotio retinae caused by contrecoup, with persistent
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brand (F.) Die Stabilitiit der Raumwerte auf der Netz-
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13. Epler GR. Colby TV, McLoud TC: Bronchiolitis obliterans
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Cary (E. H.) Glioma of both retinae, with .subsequent
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1892, xviii, 409; 421; 481; 505; 529.— Salaglii ( M.) Malfor-
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1902, iv, 866-877.— Fischer (A. F.) The present state of
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For PiirtraU, see Phil. Port. Series, Chicago, 1898.
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Amphibienrippen. Festschr. z. . . . Carl Gegenbauer,
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ous, from the small size of the outlet for fragments,
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and preembolic states. Med. Bull., Phila., 1897, xix, 139-
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280. — Polito (G.) Reumatismo e corea. Gazz. d. osp.,
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be in the future, and thou shalt be one among them, my friend, if