a single soul who has not believed in the Lord Jesus. Dear reader,

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infernal antagonisms charged upon Him with their sharp sword-,

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distressed him, all of which I attributed to the pres-

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Toulouse nied., 1908, 2. s., x, 2.53-257.— Seslavin (M. P.)

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joined the Toronto School, as was at first reported

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speak the word and my servant shall be healed," and it was done.

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unto Him, He answered her not a word. What an unusual

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"Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on Me hath

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Toulouse, 1905, 3. s., xix, 39-42. Also: Gaz. de gynec.

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Internat. phot. Monatschr. f. Mod., JUinchen, 1898, v, 129;

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medical care can be expected under title IX of S. 1161,

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Par., 189r). xvi, 3.i2-3()fi. — Best ( F. ) Notzhautblutun-

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Krankheit [etc.]. 8°. Berlin, 1848.— Viennois (Alex-

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son (E. M.) Clinical notes on the use of aspirin in

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the nornial. Am. Med., Phila., 1904, vii, 547; 590.—

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rero, lo cases ; born dead after breech presentation,

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tosi sperimentale. Policlin., Roma, l.s96, xiii, sez, med.,

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Eziologia e patologia del rachitismo. Atti d. Cong,

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Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1900. 11. s., ii, 180-182.

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to aspergillus species in moldy grain are also well de-

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Him for the true interpretation of the same, you will see so much

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I believe this Committee is wrong in its belief that a

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true. "Surely He hath borne them," comes the voice of inspira-

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Szem(5szet, Budapest, 1897, 30-34. Also, transl.: Ungar.

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Mosk., 1900, i, 150-163.— Hastings (R. W.) Rachitis;

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Remember, O Christian, that thou art a son of the King of

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to His enemies, and reserve all the mourning for His own family ?

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says of them, "The smoking flax I will not quench ; the bruised

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chimosti otsloyennol sletchatki. [On the curability of

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cardiac aff"ection "; the second patient, aged 50, :