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the retina 1 Nevrol. Vestnik, Kazan. 1897, v, no. 4, 187-

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bilita. J. de psychol. norm, etpath., Par., 1905, ii, 97-114.

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Beitr. z. Au.genh., Leipz. u. Wien, 1900, ii, 161-178. — de

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tal, Montreal. Hosp., dispens. & nursing. Internat.

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Gossage (A. M.) Some clinical aspects of rheumatism

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poor stricken body. Believer in Jesus, can you gaze upon Him

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may toss the vessel which carries the Lord Himself, and we must

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die Erzeugung intensiver Rontgenstrahlen ftir therapeu-

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X-ray negatives. J. Roy. Army Med. Corps, Lond., 1905,

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resurrected saints : " Truly this was the Son of God." We see

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bei Lichtvci-iuderungen. Ibid., ^1906, cxv, 3. Abt., 269-

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yielded to no human remedies, but it fled at once at the Lord's " I

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Also, in: Pub. Lab. Jefferson Med. Coll. Hosp., Phila.,

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[ete.J, Berl, 1903, clxxii, 174-178.— Haiislialter & Sa-

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diseases.] Ibid., 1906, ccxv, med.-spec. pt., 294; 501.—

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You already practice excellent, cost-effective medicine. You will survive as you adapt to some of the future

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God delights to come in with His omnipotence, and lift the great

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sist that typhoid is a preventible disease ; and tha

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last visit was for a non-illness reason, most likely a

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aware, is of rare occurrence. J. R., a farm-bailift,

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simplicity, it furnishes for the interest of the pat-

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dieyatelnosti voyenno-sanitarnavo poyezda no. 1 Ussu-

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injury, including motor vehicle crashes, falls, gunshot

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of detacliment of the retina. Austral. M. J., Melbourne,

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shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread and

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Verhalten der Netzhautzapfen bei Dunkeladaption des

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caused by the Rontgen rays. Med. Rec, N. Y., 1904, Ixv,

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ter of J. B. Tweedale, M.D., in the 8th year of her

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297-309, 2 pi.— Jessoi* (W. H.) A clinical lecture on

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the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

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radiographie stereoscopique sans stereoscope. Compt.

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tion of, Chronic, [etc.]): Rheumatoid ar'thriti.-i.

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choice ; if the King should step from His throne, and say, ''Here

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money paid. It would therefor seem necessary to allow for

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zijn de beste middelen tot hare genezing? Verhandel.

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throne in heaven. We must pass beyond this earthly region, and

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Chem. J., Liverp., 1906, i, 377-382.— Packard (W. H.)


Soc, N.Orl., 1896, 29.5-300. . A case of hypertrophic

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les enfants .soupvonnes a tort de tumeurs blanches au

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Am. Pract. & News, Louisville, 1893, n. s., xv, 44-47. —

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bronchiolocentric granulomas composed of nonpalisading

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retina, based on deductions drawn from late researches

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target lesion, and is of unpredictable clinical behavior

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■ (G. D.) Arthritis deformans and chronic artictilar rheu-

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and to draw this out through the lower edge of the ,

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