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"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My
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after taking food, loss of appetite, and suffered from
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patient ; but that i t can continue to be thus placed
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with intense delight. It is sweet to die in the Lord ; it is a coven-
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Proc. Ass. Am. Anat., Bait., 1902-3, p. x. — ITIerriam
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by resection of lesser curvature of stomach and oesophagus,
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four cases. Omaha Clinic, 1895-6, viii, 1-3.— Guerin.
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mann [d al.],2. Aufl., 8°, Stuttg., 1902, ii, 223-249. Also,
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rapid process of cicatrization. In caries, flakes of
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shafts of the metatarsal bones, which were then cut
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Had He healed with respect to persons, there might have been
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Spitalul, Bucurcscl, 1892, xii, 169; 201; 257.— Tat'coiiiis
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(K. O.) 0 tryokh slnchayakh atrolii sietchatok. [Three
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chez I'homme. [Transl. from: Mem. d. r. Accad. d. sc. di
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Kenntniss der sogenannten Ru.ssel'schen Kiirperchen.
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deal to the baby, splits wood for the kitchen stove,
the United States, that the only remedy for the evil
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being done. The eyes of the blind were to be opened (Isa. 35 :5 ;
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Doct.-Jubelf. d Carl Ludwig, Marb., 1890, 1-32, 2pl.—
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Care, university trained, skilled at all diagnostic proce-
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air 'in living and sleeping rooms, are of the utmost
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text for one of my future clinical lectures. Indeed,
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80-101. — Hall (K;.-V.) Quelques apercus sur le revival
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being now all separated, Wells' trocar was introduc-
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ble, it would seem to be a good test of the superior-
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the word, and we pray for more of the work. The Lord speaks to
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Reprint. — Forline (H.) A cell tonic adjuvant in X-
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niho rheumatismi kloubniho. [The treatment of acute
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breathing which require general treatment. Clin. J.,
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xxxiii, 47: (1898), 1899, xxxy, 31.— Barrett (,I. W.) In-
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dens from the mountains of the leopards," and He has lost none
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which God Himself should be treated, could we reach Him."'
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erreurs de la radiographic. J. de med. et chir. prat.
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iiber Nova.spirin. Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u.
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von der Athmungsinnervation. Sitzungsb. d. k. Akad.
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499."— Hildebrand ( H. ) Ueber den diagnostischen
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(J.) Etiology of acute rheumatism. Tr. Hunterian Soc,
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(N. G.) Bolleznennost dletei pri rakhitle i pri prorlezi-