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zur Lehre von der Rachitis. Zentralbl. f. innere Med.,

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raphy in medicine. Clin. J., Lond., 1900-1901, xvii, 214-

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hyphae in a background of necrotic debris. Amphotericin

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Ortale (C.) Sulla cherato-congiuntivite bilaterale se-

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Has He a glorious high throne in thy heart? Wouldst thou set

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over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord ; and

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(F. P. ) A case of the form of chronic joint disease in

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59. — Sardou (G.) Le rhumatisme sur le littoral mfdi-

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health. It is but a trick of the Devil to thus keep God's people in

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A korlfltolt beszdniiti^srol. [On limited re.sponsibilitv.]

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scient.. Par., 1896, 4. s., v, 241-243. . Sur quelques

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ing-place forever"? Open the door, beloved, and He will come

vyvanse 70 mg adderall equivalent

niatifere fiuorescente. Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par.,

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stretched; His sword of justice in its scabbard, held down by

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JTIiU-liell (S. \V.) PeciiUar form of rupial skin dis-

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infants. The rapidity of cell formation which takes

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of mineral springs in the treatment of rheumatic affec-

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The impotent man at Lystra must have been listening to the

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A case of rhinoscleroma. Laryngoscope, St. Louis, 1907,

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of respiration in the myriapoda. Phil. Tr. 1892, Lond.

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"And when He had looked round about on them with anger,

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phyma.] Terapiva, S.-Peterb., 1904, i, 11-15. — Warren