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rinoskleromi. [Caseof rhinoscleroma.] Bibliot. vrach.,

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in the efficacy of drug medication, and there arises

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already received, but it is also thankful for those that are yet

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interest? Be the same. Was He devout? Be you fervent in

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sult from its use in a tedious operation for anchy-

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healing. Every divinely ordained elder should, and does, live m

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Surg., Phila., 1906, xliii, 306.— Ditniar (R.) Ueber die

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God Almighty. It is God's work. It is God's method accorduig

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rapia della ipertrofiaprostatica. 33 pp., 1 1. 8°.

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zur Folge? Zentralbl. f. Gvnak., Leipz., 1903, xxvii, 947-

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refineries.] Vrach. kbron. Kharkovsk. gub., 19C0, iv,

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phis M. Month., 1903, xxiii, 416-424.— Krone ( F.) Ueber

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be known. He who believes, has and must have that power. The

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Slivoger-Liettetski (N. F.) K kazuistikle dolgovre-

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severely tested, he received more perhaps than he had asked.

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heit. Sitzungsb. d. k. Akad. d. Wisscnsch. Math.-naturw.

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rific influences of the former drug, and of producing

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tism.] Protok. zasaid. Kavkazsk. med. Obsh., Tifiis, 1890-

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Rontg.-Gesellsch., Hamb., 1906, ii, 109-113. • . Ueber

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(J. M.) X-rays and sen.sitive plates. Brit. M. . I., Lond.,

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fiir unterbrecherlosen Betrieb. Verhandl. d. ;deutsch.

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mation then so generally received, they inclined to

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Repr.from: Tr. Am. Otol. Soc, N. Bedford, 1891-3, v.

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in Bible times. Many cases of insanity are of this class.

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tion. Mag. f. d. Staatsarznk., Leipz., 1842, i, 159-181.—

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Hosp. Rep. 1887-97, N. Y., 1898, i, 484-.507. -Clarke (.J.

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he attributes this to the circumstance of the scle-

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See Avit-enna. Liber canonis, [etc.]. fol. Venetiis,

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entre la tuberculose intestinale et les alterations

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parish, Louisiana, that the potato bugs will vesical

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(P.) Proced6 operatoire pour la recherche sCire des liga-

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(Rutheln). 'larpiici) 7rpdo5os, 'El' Svpw, 1901, vi, ISO.—

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Chicago M. Recorder, 1903, xxiv, 41-47.— Bull (C. S.)

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abeyance of nasal respiration simulating true na.sn I ob-

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Comparisons are odorous, sayeth the Bard, only half in

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eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids, until you can realize as your

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of Air Medical Services (AAMS), 3 the National Associa-