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shoals of " carpet baggers," quacks, and illiterate
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this : when you want anything you do not ask God to give it. Why,
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Ferrier. Bifurcation d'un cartilage costal; muscle in-
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(J. C.) & Wliite (C. J.) The treatment of rhinophvma.
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cannot know defeat. The blood of Jesus ! Sin dies at its presence,
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derh. ,Berl .,1906,n. F. , Ixiii, 722-729.— Castenli olz. Ueber
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Casop. lek.cesk.,vPraze,1908,xlvii,63!M;3S.— D'Ajutolo
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siillsk. handl., Hel.singfors, 1904, xlvi, pt. 2, 221-223.—
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Ungar. Beitr. z. Augenh., Leipz. u. Wien, 1900, ii, 69-76. —
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hold Jesus in his bonds: even thus irresistible is the power put
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Cardiac complications in rheumatism, with report of
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scleroma esete. [A case of . . .] Orvosi hetil., Budapest,
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ina. Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1896, xxv, 234-240, 2 pi.— JHa-
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ancient glory ; and let us pray that He may be formed in us, the