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ole, containing two or three small spheroidal nuclei.
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Hospital, Japan, relates four cases in which chloral
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In: Ri;p. Dep. Piitli. Uuiv. Coll. Lond., 1.S92-3, i.
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could the people hear the gospel without it being preached in
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ing it. In illustration of this we may refer to Anat-
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coward brave. The smoking flax can flame forth like fire on the
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xviii, 99-107.— Raeiiitlde (De). Bononiensi sc. et art.
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j stomach was so constantly irritable that no medi-
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Praying in the Holy Ghost is praying in fervency. Cold
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Par., 1907, xv, 6-8.— Dessaiier (F.) Ueber eine neue
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come within touch of any one. He was considered unclean and
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in our town ? He is up in the mountain preaching as never man
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Torino, 1897, ii, 95; 121.— Nettlesliii> ( E. ) On tlie influ-
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wear a tight-fitting adominal belt instead of stays
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the state who support CPRO. Dr. Kamens discussed the
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Snoring r&les heard over the whole chest. Poultices
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Rhus-poisoning. Am. J. Pharm., Phila., 1896, Ixviii, 18-
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Verstopfung des Larynxeintritts durch den Kehldeekel.
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1898, xlv, 497-539, 2 pi. . Ueber Netzliiintdegeiiera-
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thrombus in the veins of the retina.] Tokyo Iji-Shin.shi,
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lop; arythmie; albuminurie. Arch. g^n. de med.. Par.,
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ed by injections of beef-tea, gruel, &c. At the ex-
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the respiratory impulse from the bulb to the phrenic
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of disease, and end the days of their earthly pilgrimage in a
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1908, xxiv, 382-391— Saloinonsblin. Ueber Aniisthe-
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Pall von Cerebralrheumatismus. Mitth. d. Ver. d. Aerzte
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rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1898, cxxvi,310. — iCiittersac-k.
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Rejrr. from: Arch. zool. anat. lis., Bologna, 1869, i.
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and a gallon or more of hot water at 98° or a high-
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chauss^es avec du goudron liquide. Gaz. med. de Par.,
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Par., ISSKI. viii, 304-311.- itientlel (F.) Xetzliantlilu-
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J., San Fran., 1906, xlix, 129-134. . Poisonous plants.
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(H.) Benbachtungen uher Rfjteluepidemien. Miinchon.
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ten percent of all injured patients. Essential to an effective