Phenobarbital Overdose Treatment

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of the patient. Phila. M. J., 1903, xi, 305.— Pfaliler {G.

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X-ray specialist in the field of medicine and surgery.

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"And he arose, and took the young child and his mother, and

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a binocular cryploseope). Ibid., i, 876. ■ . X rays.

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d. mal. de I'oreille, du larynx [etc.], Par., 1908, xxxiv,

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Rhinol., Berl., 1899, ix, 308-323.— Laborde (J.-V.) 1.

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Lille," 1899, V 63.— Lienliai-tz ( H.) Behandlung des

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various agents, as ergot, quinine, etc., for the arrest

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lica. Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1906, Ix, .505. —

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Inf. Trav. du Cons, d'hyg. [etc.] 1905, Rouen, 1907, 29-

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tions des elements retiniens et du pourpre visuel. Ann.

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retina. Psychol. Rev., N. Y., 1900, vii, 600-606.— Frie-

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Versamml. d. ophth. Gesellsch., Stuttg., 1895, xxiv, 2.55-

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Ixii, 230. — Bernard (R.) Un cas de rhumatisme cere-

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