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Him, and do likewise. How then must we come ? Answer : By
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Here learn to bewail our ingratitude which has ''crucified the Son
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u. Aerzte 1907, Leipz., 1908, 2. Teil, 2. Hlfte., 345.— Harri-
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186-206,1 pi. AUo [Abstr.]: Brit. M. .1., Loud., 1906, ii,
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written outside of the Bible. It contains Christ's own words. It
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J. Surg.,N. Y., 1905-6, xix, 147.— Hessert (W.) Cervical
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thermique. Ann. Soc. med.-ohir. d'Anvers, 1901, vi, 15,
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cxlii, 723-725. Also: J. de physiotherap.. Par., 1906, iv,
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Rieliter (P. F.) & Cierliartz (H.) Ueber die Einwir-
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life" to all who would receive it ; His wings of healing stretched
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theses treated by the X-rav, high-frequency currents,
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rate in ihrer Verwendung bci der Krankenerniihrung.
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but He will not quench thee; He will blow with His sweet
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Aim: Riv. internaz. di terap. fis., Roma, 190.5, vi, 89-92. —