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glioma; death from brain complications. Tr. Minnesota

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Beloved. The glances of His eyes outshine the sun : the beauties

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In his letter of resignation he says : " A sense of

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Ixxviii, 129-162, 5 diag.— Beriiliardt (M.) Ueber Vor-

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The Holy Spirit is Himself a gift. Luke 11:13; Jno. 7:39;

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1896, 483-510, 2 diag. . Kritisches zur Lehre von der

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canst make me clean." He was not sure as to the will of Jesus,

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P.) Ueber Reflexe auf die Athmung bei Zufuhr einiger

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lo! the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the spirit

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iiber die aniimische Form der Rhachitis. Kinder-Arzt,

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tismal. Bull. Soc. de med. de Par. (1887), 1888, xxii, 147-

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transl. roy. 8°. Philadelphia & London, 1908, ii, 81-98.

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but Gethsemane, Gabbatha, and Golgotha have been the means of

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population of the county, treating other patients on a fee

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1,897, 7. s., viii, 150-179.— Sflireiber (J.) Ueberdas Ein-

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Stream protection under the Bense act. Ohio San. Bull.,

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;/sed state of the intestines, would almost certainly

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768. [Discussion] , 778; 933.— Fauvelle & Sorel. En-

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sion to the right hand of God. This truly is one of the greater

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pleura for primary, very rare, tumor of the rib, ending

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Said Blakeslee, “I have benefitted tremendously.”

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Bnlbus, mit Demonstration geheilter Fiille. Berl. klin.

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cherry-stone, a bean, &c. ; but there is no fever ;

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Pseudo-rhumatisme infectieux. Bull. Soc. de m6d. de

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tion in); Otology {Periodicals, etc., relating to);

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■stellt. Ztschr. d. k.-sacha. statist. Bureau's, Dresden,