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The energy of the Rontgen ravs. Proc. Roy. Soc. Ediub.
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with drugs. He can just as easily heal them without drugs. I be-
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mann [d al.],2. Aufl., 8°, Stuttg., 1902, ii, 223-249. Also,
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Why did not the apostle James instruct the church, "Is any
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tracheal breathing. Dominion M. Month., Toronto, 1906,
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palsied, those stricken with fevers, with dropsy, an issue of blood.
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i ntinuous pain in the region of the umbilicus, and
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Rheumatoid arthritis. J. Advanc. Therap., N.Y.. 1903,
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Bound with: Vestnik obsh. hig. sudeb. i prakt. med.,
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abd.. Par., 1897, i, 499-526.— Mo restin (H.) UifiormitS
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which was not gladdened by the sight of Him. By the Master's
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;sign of returning life was shown. — Lancet, Dec.
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Uterine Fibroids. — Dr. Cazin has had occasion to