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ray therapy. Am. X-Ray J., Chicago, 1904, xv, 19-5-198.—

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blessed substitutionary work, and they would soon learn the power

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shall doubt His love to me, I shall tremble at Him ; I

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Also, transl. in: Syst. Pract. Surg, (von Bergmann), 8°, N.

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four fair, and 10 poor results. There were 35 feet with

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fire built with orders to burn all these rags, and Master is giving

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of the dungeons of Despair, the sound is echoed, ''Let these go

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scient.. Par., 1896, 4. s., v, 303. — I^educ (S.) Les rayons

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its place, but churches should not be in the business, and, least of

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church will be clothed with all her pentecostal power and

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Him, crying, and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.

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391. Also [Abstr.]: Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1898, xix, 683.—

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paired vision. Am. J. Ophth., St. Louis, 1891, viii, 339-

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determined that they would participate in the project. He


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Die Bedeutung des Vagus fiir die Atmung und seine Be-

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Osteopathic Medicine. Internship at Massapeaua General

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Repr.from: Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., Bait, 1893, iv.

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1894-5, XXX, 117-122, 1 pi,— Deliennc (A,) Note sur les

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thritis deformans of the hip; a preliminary report of a

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this head which the Professor has received from his

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For Portrait, see Corlieu (Auguste). Centenaire [etc.].

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