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528-533. — Liaiiber ( H. ) Ueber Netzhaiitablcisung.
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ments is crucial. Thus, routine saphenous stripping has
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Circulationsanomalie der Netzhant: Ruckfluss des venb-
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421; 442; 462; 508; 552. Also, transl.: Arch. f. Kinderh,,
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L. Roberts). Also: Diet. Nat. Biog., Lond., 1896, xlviii,
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richt iiber 101 nach dieser Methode von mir opefierte, an
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zu Berl. (1897), 1898, viii, 37-39.— Potaih. Angine rhu-
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tify rapidly and accurately patients who require air medi-
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hautabhebung. Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1903, 1, 977-
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retina. Rep. Soe. Study Dis. Child., Lond., 1906-7,
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cure the afflicted. It advocates the recognition of God's spirit in all
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63-67. — Darier (A.) Deg6n6rescence cystoide bilat6rale
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world ; but that the world through Him might be saved.
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dead: "Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer."
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nective tissue plugs which extended from bronchioles
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very unwisely affirm that we have the right to eat whatsoever is
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