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at least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow

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Moeiler tils. Osti'dHiyMi te costale. Ann. de I'Inst.

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Lond., 1908, xliv, 2.53. — Potain. Retinite albuminu-

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(P.) Existe-t-il un microbe pathogene du rhumatisme

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We believe that it is advisable to give the Surgeon

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service in a modern army in war, as exemplified by the

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of the Rontgen ravs in internal treatment.] Casop. Ii5k.

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Jiepr. from: Atti d. r. Accad. d. Lincei. CI. di sc. fls.,

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.See Port-Uer (W. p.) History of the Roper fund. J.

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dichotamously branching septate hyphae (Gomori methenamine-silver stain; magnification X 50).

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He did not promise to bless everything they might desire to

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2. American College of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma: Hospital

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Lxiv, 237-339, 3 pi,— Sell reiljer (L.) & Wengjer (F.)

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xxiii, 657-661.— Souques (A.) & Castaigiie (,T.) Con-

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et les resultats obtenus suivant les diffi^rentes formes.

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Hypopyon-Keratitis. Ibid., 1892. xxxviii, 3. Abth., 213-

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page 290 of vol. iii., second text line from the bot-

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tisme. Rev. mens. d. mal. de I'enf., Par., 1896. xiv, '247-

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Tr. Clin. Soc Lond., 1904-5, xxxviii, 110-115, 2 pi., 2 1.

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Nantes, 1903, 2. s., xxi, 052-(;.54.— Vyakhirerfl"(A. V.)

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wonderful and great, and will bring all the diseases of Egypt upon

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Repr.from: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila. & N. Y., 1907, n. s.,

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pathology of respiratory diseases. Sy.st. Med. (Allbutt),

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tique. J. de chir. et Ann. Soc. beige de chir., Bru.x.,

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