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Soc. N. Y., Albany, 1904, xcviii, 235-241. — Heavy dam-

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medicine and primary care exclusively to women. The

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Geest-, Heide- und Hoch-Moorlandereien in Nordwest-

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med.-spec. pt., 1650-1657.— Weber (F. P.) Multiple

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where we may gain clearer views of Jesus than ordinary life can

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him that heareth say. Come. And let him that is athirst come.

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oeeting with success, and will favor her by using ,

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through death He might destroy him that had the power of death,

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This unrivalled tutor used as His class-book the best of books.

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sions and ulcerations of the os and cervical canal,

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de biol.. Par., 1893, 9. s., v, 821-823.— Pezzetti (G.) DI

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spiratoires. Ann. Soc. de mi5d. phvs. d'Anvers, 1903-4,

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19 months child.] Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1898, xlii, 107.

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Ann. Soc. med. -chir. de Liege, 1896, xxxv, 334-338. —

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X-ray therapeutics. Detroit M. J., 1904-5, iv, 69-72. Also,

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the centurion, ''and my servant shall be healed." What marvelous

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If there is one season in which the soul gets into closer com-

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1891, i, 235-238. — Siinitatlon on the Riviera; what will

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ily carried, he returned to his original occupation,

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and all other medicines often fail, and the treat- ; physiology of menstruation has been made by Dr.

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endocardite. Rassegna med., Bologna, 1904, xii, no. 11,

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The man who is really forgiven, is anxious not to offend agaui ;

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408. Also: Coll. & Clin. Rec, Phila., 1895, xvi, 193-196.—

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mati.smus. VeroiYentl. d. Hufeland. Gesellsch. in Berl.

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gums in griefe with the tooth of one that hath been

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harmony with God's will, and therefore the answer must be

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A case of rheumatic fever in a child, and its seiiuei. In-

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radiography. Clin. J., Lond., 1901-2, xix, 361-368.—

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produire. Ann. d'electrobiol. [etc.]. Par., 1900, iii, 481-

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Rheumatic poison and its treatment. Merck's Arch., N.

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Path. & Clin. Soc, 1902-3, Ix, 91-111.— Itlilroy (W. F.)

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children and is usually associated with liver disease or

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up. I wished to avoid the use of the knife if possible.

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prophecy years before He came, that He delighted to do the

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rib. Univ. Penn. M. Bull., Phila., 1901-2, xiv, 394-398.—