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Eepr.from: Vrtljschr. f. gerichtl. Med., Borl., 1898. xvi.
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Plantierl (A.) La radiografia nella diagnosi e nella
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eth his knee, but can only utter his wailing in the language of sighs
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on rare occasions, but his mind began to yield, and
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par trouble de developpementde la papille. Lyonfaed.,
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kukwai Zasshi, Tokyo, 1900, no. 47, 1-7.— Hotz (F. C.)
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tie Ameri-an Medical Association in Detroit. A ! Hartshorne's Corxspectus, and Essentials of ^Me
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medical uses of the Rontgen light. Tr. Am. Climat. Ass.,
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Rev. d'orthop.. Par., 1905, 2. s., vi, 267-274, 1 pi.— Mall-
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Hamburger Staatskrankenhausern; pathologisch-anato-
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The patient died in seventy-six hours, of septicae-
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' resident within the said territorial division, shall be
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Abhandl. a. d. Gesamtgeb. d. prakt. Med., 1906, vi, 269-
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midst of the Paradise of God. No spring yields such sweet water
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xvii, 283-286.— Bleeli (G. M.) An experimental study
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Beitrage zur Radiotherapie. Beitr. z. Dermat. u. Syph.
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pp. 12°. Brighton, Curtis Bros. & Toiuner, 1875.
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i, 7-10. . Die Zurechnungsfiihigkeit. Klin. Jahrb.,
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the obstinate constipation produced so much excite-
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Record, Bait., 1906-7, i, 76.— Menocal (R.) Un caso de
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on the action of X-ravs on the animal organism.] Izvlest.
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heitsschiidigungen. Ztschr. f. Elektroth., Berl. u. Leipz.,
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after turning ; 23 cases of face to pubis ; 2 eases
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physician, but had employed many, who had not only exhausted
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culaire tuberculeux. Lyon med., 1904, cii, 789-795. — de
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taken in March last, although the size of the lira'
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Access to an operating room must be available at all
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fications of public analysts, which were presented,
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assimilated into practice, each student completes a post-