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Gompt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par., 1898, 10. s., v, 185-188.—

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M. J., 1903, xxxii, .580-.583.— Franco (D.) Contribu-

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fractured at its lower third, and the left leg, left

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Also,in: Jahrb. {. Kinderh., Berl.,1902, n. F., Ivi, 613-638.

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Perhaps for years he had not had a human touch. Now there is

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nold was found guilty of violation of the Act 37 th

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m6d., Mexico, 1895, xxxii, 203-215.— Orr (J. O.) Rheu-

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si.stema neuro-muscolare. N. riv. clin. -therap., Napoli,

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Eepr.from: Med. & Surg. Reporter, Phila.. 1893, Ixlx.

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Cutting [cover with printed title] from: Areh.dephysioL

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tement salicyl^. Bull. Soc. med. d. hop. de Lyon, 1907,

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c6te cervicale. Arch. g^-n. de m(5d., Par., 1904, ii, 2003-2006.—

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to eat it ; neither can he be deprived of the benefit of the doctrine

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ogy of acute infoftioiiHdisfusc of tlieluiiKs and pleuru. .1.

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of three cases of monocular hemorrhages of the retina.

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with God. Beloved, what a blessed thing it is when the soul can,

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violation of ethics." I will, as briefly as possible?

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sible for this Bill opposed compulsory health insurance in

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hindfoot varus at initial contact, in midstance, or in

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these cases) by oxide of zinc in one, two, or three-

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de m6d.. Par., 18.54, i, 286-314. Also, Reprint.— Crees (R.)

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Obozr., Mosk., 1905, Ixiii, 762-782.— Menzer. Serum-

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piness they may derive from association with their fellows, is not

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Systematic records and the routine use of the X-rays. Tr.

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gen iiber die Entstehung der Stauung.spapille. Arch. f.

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possession. This class of affliction was common in the days of

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blindness, resulting in complete recuyery, Ophth. Rec.,

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f. Anat. U.Physiol., Leipz., 1904, Suppl.-Bd., 228-240. .

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and its treatment with the mineral baths at Mount Clem-

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Student response has been “overwhelmingly positive,” both Mrs. Neighbors and Dr. Stewart report. “All of