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pano-Am., Madrid, 1902, ii, 504; 545.— Asmus (E.) Zur

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the Rontgen light. Am. J. JI. Sc., Phila., 1899, n. s.,

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med. Ztg., 1885, xxx, 3J3; 353.— Gradenigo (P.) Sulla

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tism. Tr. Ass. Am. Physicians, Phila., 1891, vi, 292-304.

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die Erzeugung intensiver Rontgenstrahlen ftir therapeu-

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brain metastases, with autopsy and review of literature.

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xlviii, 9.58. — Licvvis (C. C.) Rest versus medicine. Tr.

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monatschr. f. Haut-u. Harnkr., Wien, 1904, i, 17-21. .

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the Kirghiz.] Svezd Rnssk. estestvo. i vrach., v S.-

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This man, though he was but a wayside beggar, possessed a

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tique. Rev. d'orthop., Par., 1906, 2. s., vii, 87.—

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freshment, no wine can rival the love of Jesus. Let us drink to the

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I merely write to draw the attention of medical men

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schelijk ademvolumen. Nederl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesk.,

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did and do it in His name. Therefore God does, through man,

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307. — liozliet'liiilkoir ( S. N. ) Sluchai retinitis pro-

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to accept it ; and they dishonor Him if they reject it. All other

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und der Luftriihre. In: Haiidb. d. prakt. Chir. . . . Berg-

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, ith the aid of a very high-heeled boot, but could

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tion how often surgeons of note fail to detect stone

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the ribs. Guy's Hosp. Rep., Lond., 1907, Ixi, 245-247, 1 pl.

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receive such blessings? Because they believed the words of the

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the clinical symptoms and the pathological lesicjus of

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man measles. J. Med. & Sc., Portland, 189.5-6, 11, 473. —

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Arch. f. mikr. Anat., Bonn, 1877, xiy, 409^41, 1 pi.—

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afflicted is, when they employ a medical man, to employ a good one

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his instructions, and forwarding regular reports of

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ii, 3265-3271.— Nepveii (G.) Des nodositi5s sou.s-cuta-

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take place at the same time as for the general pro-