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die Graviditiit. Samml. klin. Vortr,, Leipz., 1905, n. F.,

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84; 94. — Levrat. Le rachitisnie tardif. Cong, frang.

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Shinpo. Tokio, 1900, xxi, 1086; 1255.— Protln (C. A.)

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Pediat. Soc, N. Y., 1901, xiii, 122-128.— Sokolovski

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Deutsche Monatschr. f. Zahnh., Leipz., 1904, xxii, 681-

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Med. Rec, N. Y'., "1896, xlix, 313.— Rowland (S.) The

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surgery. Montreal M. J., 1903, xxxiii, 161-171, 3 pi.—

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