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not for long), sulphate and ammonio-citrate of iron

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vosi hetil., Budapest, 1901, xlv,244. — Sa^rettl (C.) Nuo-

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iii, sect. 6, 128-130.— Kissel (A. A.) Ueber die Hiiufig-

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litticult to be recognized. As a precaution, there-

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viere, 1589-1655. Jn his: Therap. d. vieux maltres, 8°,

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"Then Ananias answered. Lord, I have heard by many of this

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ing subjects, viz : — Anatomy, general and surgical,

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Caesar, He did not have any money, but told His disciple to go and

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ragraphen des biirgerlichen Gesetzbuches und der Zivil-

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i'resitlency. The paper is one of much interest and

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cence. Edinb. M. J., 1898, n. s., iii, 473-480.— Caton (R.)

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ad un caso di rinoscleroma. Arch. ilal. di otol. [etc.],

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of believers ; but if you are yet unsaved, our heart yearns for you ;

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sellseh. (1898), 1899, xxix, pt. 2, 223-229.— Below. Eine

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upon the tardy motion of the waiting Savior. True, a ruler's

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Surg., N. v., 1904-5, xviii, 189-191. Also: Arch. Roentg.

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J. Sc., Manila, 1907, ii, 3S7-401, 1 pi.— Stitt (E. R.) A

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What is weaker than the bruised reed or the smoking flax?

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was come, and the children naturally came in for their inheritance

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Rontgensugarakkal es azok nemely hat4sair61. [Thera-

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retina with numerous distant metastases. Arch. Ophth.,

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\ of morbid species ; it has fixed the reality and the

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277-292.— Verworn (M. ) Die Lokalisation der Atmung

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matismus tuberkulosen Ursprungs. Berl. Klinik, 1904,

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See, also, Traite d'hygi^ne [etc.] . roy. 8°. Paris, 1904.

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xxix, 34-36. .di.so. Reprint.— Tliilliez. Traitement du

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Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1904, cxxxviii, 1699-1701.

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