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Inst.. Loud., 1906, xxvii, 6.58-6B2. [Di.scussion] ,' 669.—

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metamorphosed in the blood to chloroform." — Neiv

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Hosp. J., Lend., 1900-1901, viii, 122.— Rubel (M.) Death

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Forms no. 12 of: N. trait§ de de th^rap., Par.

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ler ( E. ) Die Rontgenstrahlen Im Dienste der Thcrapie.

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Gaz. d. nial. infant, [etc.]. Par., 1903, v, 121-123.— Olbert.

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Zur operativen Behandlung der Halsrippen. Centralbl.

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dida. Arch, de la Policlin., Habana, 1900, viii, 151-156. —

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high altitudes. Denver M. Times, 1904-5, xxiv. 642-646.—

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may toss the vessel which carries the Lord Himself, and we must

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sect, de therap., 294-297.— Gillespie (A. L.) Notes on

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cervical rib. Internat. M. Mag., Phila., 1893, ii, 881, 1