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the osseous system is liable to be affected, and givej
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nulc. [The iiidiviil'iials of so-cu11(m1 It's-ciied rc-spiiiisibil-
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word from His lips would bring them into the center of their
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rachitisnio e loro cura. Corriere san., Milano, 1902, xiii,
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The lady, lately a resident of Papineauville, Que.,
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39.— Solieiii (M.) Scleroma (rhinoscleroma). Gy6gya-
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in the new born.] Finska lak.-.sallsk. handl., Helsing-
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afterwards he was admitted into the hospital, and ul-
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ministry that God's works through Him were not to destroy men's
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deformities of rachitis. Occidental M. 'Times. San Fran.,
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in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great : yet in his disease
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151. — Aulde(J.) The use of Rhusto.xicodendron. Med.
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mique et th^rapeutique. Presse m(5d., Par., 1908, xvi, 620
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chaotic system, burdened with the momentum of a gla-
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way to the strain on their capacity. It is needless
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that so he may be saved? The gospel of our salvation is this —
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tubes in X-rav thernpv. N. Orl. M. & S. J., 1902-3, Iv, 492-
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less reliance upon the absolute rest usually enjoin i
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1038: 10.88; 1136. — Seliuster. Jodipininjektionen bei
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several years previously to her illness she had been
filhrten biologischen Untersuchung des Rheines auf der
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pra, Charpentier.— Perjrens ( E. ) Action de la lumiere
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Buenos Aires, 1901, xxiv, 46W69.— lUair (1.) Leben