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iiber den Stand der Radiotherapie imjahre 1901. Ztschr.
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During the reign of King Hezekiah, after the people had
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Feer (E.) Diseases of the nose, trachea, bronchi, lungs,
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tial diagnosis of bronchiolitis obliterans and broncho-
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division, and that for his services the Council remit
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Chorea in the course of acute rheumatism. Anstralas. M.
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xxi, 79-92. Also, Reprint. Also: Wash. M. Ann., 1903, ii,
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projection de la retine sur la corticalite calcarine. Se-
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Bell (W. J.) Rachitic chest deformity in twins, with
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sions. Finally, one respondent indicated that they never
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V sletchatkie glaza. [Comparative anatomy researches
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cadaverica. Bull. d. S"C. Lancisiana d. osp. di Roma,
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for other indications, does not produce a mammographic
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eye, got a prescription from a physician, very likely
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which they were “hiding.” He knew from experience.
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kings. Therefore, keep thyself unspotted from the world. Soil
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former, you will do well to employ, at first, an oint-
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perimeiitiil study of tho sugar content [etc.]. 8°. New
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ment. Milwavikee M. J., 1902, x, 61-64.— Triboiilet (H.)
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ein neues Antirheumaticum. Deutsche med. Wchnschr.,
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liate the uterine contents, as anything short of at-
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retinitis concurred eighteen times with deaf-mutism,
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X-ray burns. Am. X-Rav J., Chicago, 1904, xiv, 12. Aho:
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1900, Ixix, 995: 1007.— RotU (B.) A note on the useful-
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Par., 1896, xvi, 41.— Gaseard (A.) Application de la
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no part in Christ, call himself rich in happiness, and shall we go
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King ( W. H.) Roentgen ravs. Tr. Am. Inst. Homoeop.,
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Rev. mens. d. mal. de I'enf., Par,, 1905, xxiii, 82-85.—
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of faith. These are all very prominent in these different cases,
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disease. If he cannot do both, he will be ready to do either ; all
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cylates in acute rheumatism. J. Am. M. Ass.. Chicago,
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forms of affliction and diseases which he imposes upon humanity,
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& Murray (W. R.) A case of macular retinitis due to
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revmatizma, oslozhnenniy vospaleuiyem endokardiya 1
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Repr. from: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1901, n. .s., cxxviii.
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1898-9, vii, 5-15.— Hiilst (H.) Skiagraphy of the chest.
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ever states that an " aggregation of the skin of the
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ployer pour prevenir et combattre les con.sequences de
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llheumatism\is. Therap. Monatsh., Berl., 1892, vi, 222-
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sicians, etc. He reported that the Committee also priori-
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of abortion, was referred to the Committee on Medi-
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