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We have no scriptural evidence that this covenant with an\
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patient who presented with excessive sputum production
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and resurrection of Christ. In a previous chapter we considered
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1902, xiii, 193.— Sajjer (,I.) Rotheln or rubella; a clin-
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We boldly declare that Jesus never employed divine healing
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Trav. du lab., 8°, Par., 1893, i, 548 - 559. . De la
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(J.) Ein seltener Operations- Fall. [Au.sziehung eines
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O, awful agony! All the joints seem wrenched asunder by the
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ence, N. Y. & Lancaster, Pa., 1890, n. s., iii, 357.— Dou-
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Arch. f. Augenli.. \Viesb.,iyOU, liv, 103-1.56.— von Hip!><-I
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& Apert (E.) Relation de deux ^pidemieS(de rubeola
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(L. D.) Dyspnea and cyanosis. West Virg. M. J., Wheel-
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demands a solid background in the liberal arts, social
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Milano, 1892, xxxi, 566-576. — Wenninger. Gelenk-
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different from another since the original creation. All have this
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contusions du thorax a propos d'un cas de mort conse-
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Repr.from: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1905, n. s.. cxxx.
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double promise — food and health. As the water of Marah wa<^
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7a-Sl. — Beclfere (X.) La mesure indircrto du pouvdir
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"And He said unto them. Take nothing for your journey,
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The most prominent pathologic features were necrotizing
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of the hands or fingers, especially of the left sid
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heat rigor. Am. J. Physiol., Bost., 1902-3, vii, 1-24.—
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508. Also, transl : Ztschr. f. phys. u. diiitet. Therap.,
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nesorg., Hamb. u. Leipz., 1896, xii, 243-274. . Zur
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than the lawgiver. He bore the wrath of God, and in His death
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assimilated into practice, each student completes a post-
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<& Liacapfere. Radion6vrites et troubles trophiques cu-
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amount to a proof that it is not of great value to the
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See, also, Coxe ( Edward Jenner). A practical
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dominal therapy.] Gy6gyAszat, Budapest, 1899, xxxix,
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medical director at Travelers. Dr. Fauliso was a member
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JHoi»i>e (J.) Ueber Roborat und andere Eiweisspriipa-
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tism. Med. & Surg. Rep. Presbyterian Hosp., N.Y., 1906,