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affections to acute infective rheumatism. Clin. J., Lond.,

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statistique 1898-9. N. Montpel. miSd., 1899, ix, 547-549.

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to hear how differently you talk. Perhaps you have been used

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Koerber (H. ) Ueber Glioma und Pseuilogli( ima retinfe.

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Repr.from: Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., Bait., 1891, ii.

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Berl., 1908, v, 43^9.— von Recklingliaiisen. Thio-

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Sitzen, Stehen). Mitt. a. d. Lab. f. radiol. Diagn. u. The-

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situation du tube de Crookes par rapport an sujet et a la

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Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc., Par., 1898, cxxvi, 919-921. Also

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221. — Fristedt. [Den asiatisica rhabarbcrdrnguens

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the supravaginal portion of the cervix, and to draw

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chen. med. Wchn.schr.. 1891, .\xxviii,'258. Also: Sitzungsb.

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In his: Opusc. med. 4°. Franco/. & Lips., 1780, iii, 104-

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nouvelles recherches sur le bacille d'Achalme-Thiroloix

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nirai zavodami. [Pollution of the Little Don by sugar

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des hemorrhagies retiniepnes; existe-t-il une hemorrhagie

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de miSd. ment. C.-r., 1889 Par., 1890, 183-192.— Mendel


found the biceps tendon resisting, and having put ^

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tellectual and moral faculties to' inflammatory ac-

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His heart-broken spirit. The last supper has just been concluded.

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Frauenarzt, Leipz.. 1905, xx, 290-292. — £averg;ne. Con-

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bypass grafting: Five-year results of a modem series. J Vase Surg

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tients, 16 with CP and 1 1 with DMD, who were 14 years

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1891-2, xxvi, 89-94.— Best as an important agent in sur-

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Path. u. path. Anat., .Jena, 1908, xix, 529-.532. .

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In: Mod. Med. (Osier). 8°. Philadelphia & New York,

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Par., 1899, ii, 588-593. ■ . Weitere Mittheilung iiber

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enlarged and very hard, being evidently infiltrated

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church, His presence is the church's power — the shout of a king is

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scopic screens. Arch. Roentg. Ray, Lond., 1906-7, xi,

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len. Berl. klin. Wchnschr., 1905, xlii, 1211-121.5.— Cole-

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between 0.45% and 2.7% in studies where patients are

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in a throng to hear Him. At this time this palsied man was carried

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293. — Roseutlial. [Gelenkrheumatismus; polymorphe