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Time and eternity are before you. You are passing rapidly
showed (from his own and Wurtz's researches) that i
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she receives, and immediately she was made straight.
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labor, and lasting undiagnosed for nearly two years.
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there was no room to receive ihemj no, not so much as about the
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cess of coughing is to hold before his mouth a smal ;
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Reports for 1884-96, 1898-1900 also bound with State
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129-135. — Wilson (R. W.) Recent ideas regarding the
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.Tena, 1904, 561-.570.— Weiss (G.) Sur I'elimination de
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done nothing to entitle him to a patent, for he has
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the power of the law of life which the apostle mentions in verse
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must have met at His feet ! What sickening ulcers and putrefying
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prevent recurrence after a variable period ; and (3)
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fox hies to its hole for protection ; the bird flies to the wood for
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d'electrie. med,, Bordeaux, 1903. xi, 259-263. . Ueber
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branch hn'ipital in Tokyo. Boston M. & S. J., 1905, cliii,
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fiir unterbrecherlosen Betrieb. Verhandl. d. ;deutsch.
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tation with the Advisory Medical and Hospital Council, a
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love ; they cannot pollute it, but shall themselves be purified. Jesus
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personal treatment. The treatment will have a more speedy effect,
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(History, c?c., q"/') , Hospitals (Description, etc.,
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tained in Dublin, which still appear to show a very
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logical structure.] Raboti ho-sp. khirurg. klin. Dyakono-
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Ques. Well, then, when was divine healing done away with ?
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chen. med. Wchnschr., 1905, lii, 609. ■ . Ueber die
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matism. Med. News, N. Y., 1901, Ixxix, 528-531.— King
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fered a good deal from the last injection, especially
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(R. V.) Rhinophyma. Laitop. russk. chir., S.-Peterb.,
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I stracted scarcely a soup-plateful of blood with very
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amount of irritation produced, but I prefer to wait
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He came to redeem the fallen race from the power of oppression.
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bition of. the circulation of the blood in the retinal ar-
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and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out
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More, more than all, Christ sustained not only His weight on