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Repr. from: Cincin. Lancet-Clinic, 1897, n. s., xxxix.
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Veterinark., Berl., 1903, XV, 120-122.— Diem. Rheuma-
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mM., Buenos Aire.s, 1903, x, 607.— Allan (J.) Rickets in
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1905, xiii, 323-326. Also, transl.: Ann. di elett. med. [etc.],
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tina; reports of four cases. Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1906,
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but shall refer only to the phenomena of active di-
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Arch. Pediat., N. Y., 1899, xvi, 870.— Mery. Rhuma-
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237-261. — Parsons (J. H. ) Degenerations following
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respect, and that he accepted professional ostracism.
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covered with oil silk ; they are believed to act as
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Repr. from: Vestnik klin. i sudeb. psichiat. i nevropat.,
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Der Energieumsatz in der Retina: eine kritische Studie.
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nophym.] Deutsche med. Wchn.schr., Leipz. u. Berl.,
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Gesellsch. deutsch. Naturf. u. Aerzte 1907, Leipz., 1908, 2.
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Hypothese. Ztschr. f. Psychol, u. Phv.sIol. d. Sinnesorg.,
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J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1905, xlv, 961.— Pl-att (H. P.)