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95-111, 4 pi.— Quelrolo (G. B.) Infezione reumatica
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children weighing 25 kg and more because of the need for
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that the cooperation of the medical profession is essential
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4. In another case, still more advanced (sixteenth!
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belles du rhumatisme aigu; ses consequences pathog^ni-
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1903, xl, 703-705. Also, transl.: Rev. med. de la Franche-
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Taylor (F. ) Varieties of morbid respiration. Guv's
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2. s., V, 162-165. Also: Echo med. du nord, Lille, 1901, v,
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closer fellowship with Him ? Then come continually to the foun-
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acnee ipertrotica a nasulul (rinofima). Presa med. rom.,
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(J. J.) Poisoning by Rhus toxicodendron. Am. J. Der-
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& Murray (W. R.) A case of macular retinitis due to
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shut out from all society. The Lord, who intended leprosy, under
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1897, xxxvi, 160-166. Also, transl.: Arch. Ophth., N. Y.,
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Stereoscopic Roentgenography in the diagnosis of internal
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revealed by Rontgen rays. Am. Med., Phila., 1903, v, 11-
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Tr. Ophth. Soo. U. Kingdom, Lond., 1903-4, xxiv, 225. —
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vom Standpunkte der offentlichen Gesundheitspflege.
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Wchnschr., 1905, Iii, 978. — Hall-Edwards (J. [F.])
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to open the granary door and find it. Scripture grows upon the
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"And behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when
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med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl,, 1898, xxiv, Ver.-Beil.,
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shortened, provided attention is paid to the rollers
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lieve that when the pulse is faint, and the heart heaves heavily,
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redemption liberty. This, He had the power to bestow upon all
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1903, xxv, 21-24.— Sinkler (W.) Diseases and condi-
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Also, in: Arch . f . Augenh. , Wiesb. , 1901 , xliii , 1.83-199, 1 pi .
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ing the parts with the compound tificture 0/ benzoin
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1899, i, 85; 104.— Cattell (H. W.) The diagnostic value
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perhaps have to go his way with an unanswered prayer. A heavy
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■hospital wards, ^^'c. He said the mortality in most i sician might be better defined than in the past. Dr.
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J an opposite direction, towards the vessels, the cavity
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the retiiui. Brit. RI. J., Lond., 189(i, ii, !<11-813.— Iiril<-k-