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Zur Kenntnis der Papillitis im Anschluss an lelchte per-
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of Social Security as that a “progressive” one would enact
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tory tract. West. M. Rev., Omaha, 1908, xiii, 136-138.—
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sc. niL'd. de Bordeaux, 1901, xxii, 655-5.58. Also: Mem. et
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ipi^earance of the tissues before he divides them."
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le pincempnt des arteres intercostales blessees. Loire
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ioli (G.) La ricerca eoi raggi Roentgen in cliirurgia.
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dans les difl'erentes directions. Arch, d'eleetrie. me-d., Bor-
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1906, xi, 288.— Kassabian (M. K.) Roentgen dermati-
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a I'aide des doctrines actuclles. Rev. de med.. Par.,
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'Bound with: Vieira Soiito (Luiz Raphael). O melhora-
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chungen an Tieren bei todlicher Rontgenbestrahlung.
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& Throat J., Lancaster, 1907, xiii, 145-1.52. — Sclireiber
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"Jesus saith unto her. Woman, believe Me, the hour cometh.
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of stays and lower charges than those secondarily trans-
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a blessing to this man, but they were ready to impart unto him
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Your diseases will gradually disappear and it will seem like a
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genital opacity of retina in yellow-spot region of both
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point to years of accomplishment and of non political
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hydrocephalus. Med. Standard, Chicago, 1904,xxvii, 348.—
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Berl., 1908, xxxiv, 1513.— Belot (J.) Appareil porte-
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beim Pferde. Deutsche thieriirztl. Wchnschr., Hannov.,
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tisme articulaire aigu par un nouyeau compose .salicyle,
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[Discussion], 240. — Cazeneuve (P.) Sur I'assainisse-
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What is your badge ? May it be the cross. Wear it without,
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street where there is a drinking fountain are the fine ladies and
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took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses." The gifts of heal-
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As we read of these individual cases of His marvelous work,
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been able to assure himself of the various alterations