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freshment, no wine can rival the love of Jesus. Let us drink to the

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These and other references of scripture teach us that it was the

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Dealing with Disciplinary Hearings Before Connecticut’s

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IS in those described by Casper and others. — Med.

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Urol., N. Y., 1907, iii, 409-411, 2 pi. Also: Tr. Am. Ass.

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Am. Pub. Health Ass. Rep., Columbus, 190.S, xxxiii. 194-

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tion to the tissues that the fuel does to tlie engi ;

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Ophth. Klin., Stuttg., 1902, vi, 129-131.— Yeiira (S.) [A

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cervix, and the uterus, still contracting concentri

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sense true, but unless the yellow oxide is sifted into

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24, 1 pi.— Standlsli (M.) Retinitis punctata albescens.

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Tlie mechanical v. the operative treatment of rachitic

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dampness of soil and cliinatL' on t lie diseases of respiration.

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the Far East.] Med. Obozr., Mosk., 1905, Ixiii, 504-518.—

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the crown, the glory. Surely we should love the cross, and, in-

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I declare that none of these men who were first invited shall taste

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Hamb., 1908. iv, 59-63. . Ueber die Deutliehkeit in

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Frage dcr Selbststiindigkeit der RiUheln. Wien. med.

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point at which an excess will throw stimulation into

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to our ears today, this shell text from the shore of eternity's sea,

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Par., 1906, i, 33-36. — Danziger (E.) Two cases o£

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1898, i, 490.— Ball r (F.) Ueber den Mechanismus der

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this been the mind of the apostle, then he would have assigned

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med.-spec. pt., 76-89. — taval (E.) Notes de chi-

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either publish them, or return them to their respec-

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Contribution 'X Tetude clinique de la myocardite rhuma-

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Forh.. lb65-6, i, 3n0-352. Also, Reprint.— Oilson (E.)

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statistically significant relationship between the fre-

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that if I did not come she would get some one else.

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rurgische Erfahrungen im russisch-japanischen Kriege.

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La stereoscopic appliquee il la radiographic. Belgiquo

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view. Clin. Rev., Chicago, 1905, xxii, 25.5-260.— Hilsum

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M. Month., Burlington, 1900, vi, 160-164.— Vila Gibert

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the blind, a withered hand — unnumbered and unmentioned, and

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the requirements of God. Nothing can be found in the word of

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Fortschr. a. d. Geb. d. Rontgenstrahlen, Haiiib., 1908-9,

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well as professional education of certain graduates,

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