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at the Father's right hand, and though as Jehovah He has eminent
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(E. A.) & Thomson (E.) The cause of burns from X-
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in the treatment of detached retina. J. Am. M. Ass.,
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rer Krankheiten. Frag. med. Wchnschr., 1907, xxxii, 581;
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Sib, — Dr. Oldright's interesting case of Aneurism
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Abels<lorll"(G.) UeberSehpurpur und Augenliinter-
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there are twelve of these where their faith is spoken of. The
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419.— Alaiiiio-IUart'lietti (L.) Sul trattamento clii-
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symptomsof pressureon the brachial plexus. Am. Med.,
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the course of rheumatic fever. Clin. Stud.. Edinb., 190.5-6,
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Diagnoseimd Rontgen-Therapie. Allg. med. Centr.-Ztg.,
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pi. — Cook (S. E.) Unusual tortuosity of the retinal ar-
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of His seventh miracle, there is an occurrence which makes it
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bull. Soc. de med. etchir. de Bordeaux (1901), 1902, 23.5-
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No more He mingles with His fellow-men, in market, in thorough-
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It is therefore important to employ well-accepted triage
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of interest, was the attempt by the Homoeopaths and
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le pincempnt des arteres intercostales blessees. Loire
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111 the tropical countries, when it got too hot for me, I became
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view of the evidence and of the theoriesavailable for the
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and preservation of fresh -water rhizopods. J. Quekett
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progress on reexaminations and assist with therapeutic
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parate. N. Yorl^er med. Monatsclir., l'.Hi8-9, xx, 12-18.—
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her leaving the hospital, to evacuate a small abscess.
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la papillaire. Arch, d'opht.. Par., 1907, xxvii, 696-
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chorea of childhood. Med. -Chir. Tr., Lend., 1898, Ixxxi,
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Friedrlcli (A.) Is the construction of our present X-
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riod of the disease — the most amenable to treat-