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(T.) Remarques sur 200 applications des rayons X it la
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ricini, .^ss ; ol. terebinth. ,^ss ; gruel, Ojss) throv
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Gaz., Newcastle, 1907-8, viii, 14-16.— Hartshorn (W. E.)
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priety ; but in most cases of pleurisy with sero-fibrin-
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k6rdi5s(5hez. [On . . . ] Budapesti orv. ujsAg, 1905, iii,
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chant, might be fragrant within us because the Holy Ghost is in
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la retina consecutif a la formation d'une cataracte secon-
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Also: Med. Fortnightly, St. Louis, 1895, viii, 487^92. Also,
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divine healer, after all of these ages, and say, you must discharge
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Lancisiana d. osp. dlRoma, 1904, fasc. 2,96-99.— Cal>ezon
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I'inimortalite de I'ame, la nature (\e^^_ esprits et
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answered prayer. "I will extol thee, O Lord, for thou has lifted
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get up to the Christ Himself, and then, as you draw nigh to the
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infective Lancet, Lond., 1901, i. 774-777.
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Tres casos de megaleritema epid6mico. Arch. Latino-Am.
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was present with Paul at Troas where the young man Eutychus
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Phila., 1895-7, 33-38, 1 pl.— Brown (K. L.) Acne and
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1896, vii, 1210. Also [Abstr.] : Trudi Obsh. russk. vrach.
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mica dei centri nervosi. Ibid.. 1901-2, ix, 267: 1902-3, x,
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