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cl33. — Natanson(A. V.) Hemorrhagicheskoye vospa-

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primiir chronische Arthritis mit Beginn im Kindesalter.

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These and other references of scripture teach us that it was the

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Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. & Berl., 1896. xxii, 480.

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& News, Louisville, 1902, xxxiv, 263-275. — EliscJier (G. )

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sages radiotherapiques; reponse a M. M. Sabouraud et

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588-590.— Spender (J. K.) & Garrod (A. E.) Rheu-

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either of bile-pigments or of bile-acids, by chemical

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les rayons de Ricntgen. Ann. d'eleclrobiol. [etc.], Par.,

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fenced cities to be taken, and great giants to be destroyed, but

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Glasgow M. J., 1891, xxxvi, 376-381. Aho: Tr. Glasg.

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B. Negative or benign with or without some atypia or

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shall be afraid to pray to Him ; I shall grow like the prodigal,

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straightened the knee very considerably, notwith- '

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hood. Brit. J. Child. Dis., Loud., 1905, ii, 145; 249.—

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de Bours-siUe la I>sirtlj'e & Fredet (P.) Applica-

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the Sabbath days. Then saith He to the man. Stretch forth thine

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tismus. Aerztl. Rundschau, Miinchen, 1897, vii, 758-755.

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fastened by a single screw bolt at each side, consti-

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cia del rachitici, e considerazioni suUa coudizione mor-

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through the power of the Holy Spirit, the works of the Devil

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und Wohnungsdichtigkeit der Stadt Rostock i. M. Cen-

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^/,cr the surfaces of the organ, especially over the

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at the communion table: all these are so many kisses of my lips.

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Ann. Ophth., St. Louis, 1897, vi, 446-4.50.— Elsclinia ( A. )

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error, if it can be shown to be an error, but all my

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heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that

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anterior and posterior deformity. Historically, most cases

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travers les tubes a rayons X. Arch, d'electric, med., Bor-

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thread into the garment in which we are to appear throughout

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1891-3, vi, 30-47. Also: Med. Rec, N. Y., 1892, xli, 62-66.—

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finger completed the further separation of the inter

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1073-1086.— Oddi (R.) Influenza del lavoro muscolare

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ing a place not inferior to surgery or the practice

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administered is not a Christian or cannot accept divine healing.

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you have ever tried it, I am sure that you have not found it an

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must have been something more in the crucified One than they

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most fertile means of spreading the disease is water ;

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Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1907, liv, 26S. — Scliillliia'

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signs were not to follow the preacher, but the command was to go

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cross, it is Christ's cross ; and how delightful it is to carry the cross